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Basic mission
The WAY of HOPE is a non-partisan and interreligious grassroots movement. It connects spiritually open-minded people, who are aware of the seriousness of the global crisis and want to get involved in the process of a fundamental change in society. The WAY of HOPE has been initiated in 2009 in Weiz/Austria as a free initiative. It is a descendant of the so called “Pentecost - Vision”, a spiritual-solidary ecclesiastical movement. On the 10th of December 2012, an "open society" (in German: “Offene Gesellschaft” / OG) has been founded, which governs the legal and financial affairs of the WAY of HOPE. This step offered an official status to the movement. The WAY of HOPE is not a connection of existing organizations. Rather, it networks pioneering projects and initiatives. It may be characterized as a movement of people, who want to introduce their creative and alternative ideas into the social discourse to cope with the global crisis. Beyond all denominational boundaries, a personally lived spirituality is the common basis for all activities. That commitment applies to various sectors of society, such as politics, economy, environmentally sustainable and socially solidary action, discourse on humanity in science, philosophy, and religion, as well as ecumenical and interreligious cooperation and lived spirituality.

1. We bring together spiritually aware and active people from different confessions. We believe in the power that arises from this synergy for a fundamental change in society.

2. We are committed to alternative and promising project ideas and initiatives and try to win public decision makers for these projects.

3. In interreligious cooperation we attach central importance to a dialogue  that respects differences and promotes joint attitudes of faithful people, especially with regard to a common social commitment to society.

4. As a consequence of the ongoing global change, we are on the side of the disadvantaged groups of society. Christians, who are involved in the movement, promote the continuation of the ecclesiastical Conciliar-Process for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.

5. Together, we search for a contemporary image of man and God in dialogue with the humanities and natural sciences.

6. For our grassroot-movement, we put emphasis on the use of new media.

The highest managing entity of the movement is the General Assembly. It normally meets every 6 years. It elects the central executive bodies and adopts any amendments. In addition, at least once a year an Assembly of Members is held. The movement is directed by a leader and two deputies. They suggest candidates with whom they would like to form an executive team. The General Assembly elects the leader, his/her deputies and the members of the executive team with a two-thirds majority. The executive team seeks for an advisory board, which must be confirmed by the General Assembly by a two-thirds majority. The advisory board advises the management team on substantive issues and important decisions.

Members may be people from all nationalities and of all beliefs. There is no formal entry and exit. All who identify themselves ideologically with the fundamental mission and the guiding principles of the movement are considered as members. However, for the General Assembly and the annual general meeting, only those persons are invited, who pay a membership fee and who have been recognized as voting members by the executive team.

Membership fee
In order to finance the movement, members are asked to pay a membership fee of € 10 to € 100 per month. It is requested that this fee, if possible, is transfered each month by standing order. In order to prevent that the membership fee may become a social exclusion criterion, an annual fee of € 1 is also possible. This will be acknowledged by the executive team.

The movement is mainly financed by donations. With a donation of € 5000, one becomes a "supporter" of the movement. Donors may be publicly mentioned by name, if requested. However, it has to be verified, that no dependencies arise for the movement from any donations.

International Interfaith - Core Group
This core group includes members of all world religions. It advises the executive team especially on fundamental issues of the spiritual process of the movement. Members of this group will be appointed by the executive team.

Members of Companionship
The group of inner companions includes personalities from public life and acknowledged experts, who introduce novel and alternative approaches into society  to master the current crisis. Members of companionship are appointed by the executive team.

Legal form
As a legal form of the movement, an "Open Society" (in German: “Offene Gesellschaft” / OG) has been founded, which regulates all legal and financial matters. Companions are PD Dr. Mag. Annemarie Seither-Preisler, Marialuise Hierzer and Mag. Fery Berger.

Facebook Group
The ongoing exchange of information takes place via the internet on the website of the movement and especially via the Facebook group WAY of HOPE. There, specific initiatives are started and actions are organized.

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